All About Dal-Y-Gwynt

"Dal-Y-Gwnt, roughly translated from the Welsh language means "Catch The Wind" and was the name given to Mum and Dad's Hawk 20 Dayboat which was moored in Hafan Pwllehi Marina on the LLyn Peninsula, North Wales.

The boat, built by John Reid & Sons in Christchurch, Dorset, is described as "a 20ft self-righting, self-draining, shallow-draft, centre-board, sea going dayboat suitable for racing or cruising but it is so stable you could take your grandmother for a sail without alarming her."

Many a happy day was spent cruising around the southern part of the peninsula by all members of the family both young and old, either sailing or pottering along "on the engine" whilst trawling paravanes behind us and hauling in mackerel by the bucket full.

Sadly, Dal-Y-Gwynt is no longer part of our family having been replaced by the larger Beneteau 25.7 "Happy Talk" but the memories of those great days will always live on.

Click on the image below to take a trip on Dal-Y-Gwynt to Nigels Weather Island